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Create a brand for yourself. Dig deep and ask yourself what your style is and who you are as a visual creator. Make a list of words to describe your style. Think about how you talk, walk, and act as an individual. You are your brand when face to face with the world and what you put behind it represents your inner and outer voice.

Successful and highly recognized brands like Nike, UPS, IBM, and Apple have stood the test of time with a simple and easy to read logo. Following their logo is branding that feels like the ID or logo. Their colors are consistent as well the forms and feel of photography, design, and illustration.

Whatever our medium as a visual communicator, we need a brand and promotional materials to accompany it. Business cards, letterhead, postcards, website, blog, social media all are examples of how we represent our creative voice. You may be a traditional illustrator and not the strongest designer. Going through these illustration, design, typography, and promotional exercises will help you merge your work into the array of trade shows (retail/wholesale), licensing, textiles, product design, editorial. books, etc. Overall, it is the application of the visual that is the essence here. Whatever the technique or style of the illustration or design, we need branding and representation to move it into and through the world.

Please make use of the links on this site as well my Pinterest site and the secret boards in my Pinterest account which you will eventually all be invited into by next week (week 2)

{ASSIGNMENT 1} Branding yourself
For the first week please create in your sketchbook:
– Create 10 rough illustrations/concepts (think logo and simplify – use pencil, pen, collage, marker, ink wash, watercolor)

– Fill a page with color circles to indicate a color scheme (can be in the above media and also be an ombré value chart)

– Choose 6 fonts and a few typefaces (light, regular, italic, bold, heavy, etc) (make use of serif, sans serif, slab, and script fonts)
(for the fonts, using the sites provided on our links page, find the ones you like and press shift, apple, 4 all at the same time to take a screen shot which will mount on   your desktop. Please drop all your screen shots into one document or several, print out,  and then cut out each typeface. Glue or tape into your sketchbook. Squares work really well. All you really need is one letter form in the chosen font and typeface (for example, Avenir Light)

– Create 6 icons (simple outlines or shaded in shapes like a bow tie, party hat, flourish)

– Create 6 patterns (can be dots/lines/flowers/ikat/)
Please think about your current style and if it is more modern, classic, mid-century, vintage or pop)

Please refine the three concepts we discussed in class 2 creating additional sketches

• 3 11×7 tabloid size brand bards set up in Illustrator
• 3 concepts refined (scan your comp sketches or create in Illustrator
• 3 fonts (typefaces)
• 3 color schemes ( can be 1 color, 2 color, 3 color)
• 3 patterns (created in sketchbook and scanned or created in Illustrator

PINTEREST: continue to pin your boards (review boards in my account and classmates)
• illustration
• design
• branding
• typography
• pattern
• ID/logo
• color
• black and white
• packaging
• calendar

More pinterest board ideas:
letterpress, stationery, fashion, drawing, painting, architecture, travel, books, children’s books


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