– concept, brand and design 3 soap labels/packages in the same brand
– create 10 rough illustrations/concepts (use pencil, pen, collage, marker, ink wash, watercolor)
– create 6 patterns (can be hand drawn and SCANNED IN AT LEAST 300DPI)
– fill a page with color circles to indicate a color scheme (can be in the above media and also be an ombré value chart)
– Choose 6 fonts and a few typefaces (light, regular, italic, bold, heavy, etc) (make use of serif, sans serif, slab, and script fonts)
You can draw, paint, glue or tape into your sketchbook. Be creative.
*** Please have rationales (reasons) you are choosing to brand/re-brand the way you are and how you will execute the final package.
*** WE WILL NOW BE COMPING UP ALL THREE SOAPS (I feel you can all do it so have fun!) – comp ups due in 2 weeks

soap4 soap3 soap2soap1


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